Island Safari Lodge maun


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We found accommodation in Island Safari Lodge, definitely one of the most well-known landmarks in Maun and in the whole of the Okavango Delta. On a map of Botswana one will find Maun to be situated in the delta, but in the past 26 years I’ve never seen or heard about swamps or marshes around there. It always was just dry sandy flats and the Thamalakani River was just a dry riverbed with a few waterholes and a small stream when the Okavango reached the delta. Now it was different. With the extreme and consistent rain the past few seasons on the Angolan highlands, the mighty Okavango came down in full flood and for the first time in 30 years the Delta is really full.

This, also being the reason for the Thamamlakane to change into a big river and Island Safari Lodge to become once again a true waterfront lodge.  Their food was really good and the rooms comfortable. The gardens and open dining area, overlooking the river makes Island Safari Lodge definitely value for money.
I guess we were all very tired as we could hardly finish our meal before retiring, It was worthwhile to take a stroll through the garden lit up romantically.

While snuggling into my comfortable bed, I heard hyena laughing in the distance and a lion roaring closer by. With water so high, it brought the wildlife almost to Island Safari Lodge’s doorstep.

Breakfast was standard and we were soon on our way.  Island Safari Lodge is a beautiful place, also with river frontage and the staff friendly. We manage to be on the road by 10 am., crunched into our rental Polo like sardines in a tin – with half our luggage on our laps.

Judy Ludwick 23 Sept 2011

Hi Tubby
Just had an amazing two night stay at Island Safari Lodge.  Such a
lovely place.
I had booked with Safarinow accommodation for tonight and
tomorrow, also in Maun.  It was so awful that we decided to go back
to Island Safari Lodge again for another two nights.
Thanks so much for all your help
Diana 14 November 2013